Happy All Saint’s Boxing Day

It’s the day after, the day after Halloween and I sit marveling (and writing) that the pre-Arkansas to-do list is empty. I board a plane in 6.5 hours. Between now and then, I’ll try to convince my body to make more hemoglobin by sleeping with a mask over my face that only delivers a menu of 15% oxygen rather than the usual 21%. I received the training system from Altitude Tech this week and have begun to do things like wash dishes and sort laundry and surf the net while under the influence of hypoxia.

Hopefully, all this time behind a mask will allow my body to pre-acclimatize somewhat and make Chile a slightly easier go of it. If not, at least I have good stories to tell of life on a space station.

Today was a big day. I handed my book manuscript over to Donna at Creative Press. Like a solid pass in hockey, she caught it firmly on her stick and will skate with it up the boards. At some point, she’ll pass it back to me for a final read and picture captioning, but for now the puck is in her end. Sorry, I just played my last game of hockey for two weeks and I’m already in withdrawal.

It was a great feeling to have that big project come to a close on the timeline I imagined so I can focus on the conference in Arkansas and my many upcoming keynote addresses.

I continued to sweat all over Phil’s floor this week. Something about how we work out causes my body to shed fluid like it wants to start a campaign for the building of arks. I just have to look at the ladder he has taped on the floor and my pores begin to open in anticipation. I saw some gains this week from the work he and I are doing together. It was a tough week of training because it was Week Five. Week Five is usually a rest week but since I’m traveling in weeks six and seven, I stretched out training and had to push through some fatigue.

I panicked some about how close the climb in Chile is and how unready I felt, but I made some progress in starting a gear pile in the living room, making a Chile to-do list and realizing that, even though November has just dawned, it’s really the middle of December and I should already have completed my Christmas shopping.

OK…I want to get your opinion-when I dropped off the book today, Donna and I had some discussion on the title of the book. Currently, it’s called, “My Everest: More than a Mountain.” We talked about reversing the title to: “More than a Mountain: The Story of My Everest.” So-this is your chance to weigh in-which do you like better? Or do you have another suggestion all together? Email and let me know.

Have a good week and I’ll catch you from the land of Bill Clinton,


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