Antarctica Countdown 78 Days and Counting: “Finding the Groove”

Started my second week of training today and could tell I’d had a few days of rest. I saw a small increase in work capacity today and I enjoy feeling stronger already. I’ve been visiting Johnson State College in Johnson, Vermont today and worked out in their fitness centre. I’m presenting tonight to the Johnson campus community on "Leading with your Life: Lessons from High Places." I’ve enjoyed teaching a class here this morning and having many conversations with colleagues I usually only get to see at conferences. The countdown has dropped below eighty days and that fills me with both excitement and nervous energy. So much to do before Nov. 29 when I begin my travels south to Puenta Arenas, Chile.

I’m pleased to have trained while on the road and that gives me evidence that I am getting back into my training groove. The true test will come tomorrow when I spend much of the day traveling home. I’ll use the idea that I might have to tell you all I missed a workout as motivation to make sure I get workout number seven in despite a day of automobiles and planes.

Canoeing the Lamiolle River was grand fun and a great opporunity to reflect more on my Labrador canoe experiences. It was a sweet, calm river (at present-not last week during Hurricane Irene) and I, once again, revelled in the sense of journey along the water. Thanks to Karen W for a great canoe trip and to Karen U for organizing my visit to Johnson State College.

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