From Snow Huts to Medals to Ripples in the Pond

Thursday I awoke deep in the woods of Pippy Park. My HKR 4210 students has successfully survived their nights in “snowballs” or quinzhees as they are more formally known. I was very proud of the students’ efforts in putting all that we had been learning about this term into practice. The weather had been a bit challenging, a veritable final exam. They piled snow, worked hard, and took good care of each other. Once we returned to campus and had checked all the gear back in, it was time to run home for a quick shower and to grab my dress clothes for the afternoon’s occasion.

This was the day, along with 29 others from my federal riding, to receive the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. It was a quick change from the smoke-inhanced field clothes to my dress pants and blazer. The ceremony at Government House was very well done and I enjoyed hearing of my fellow recipients achievements; it was humbling to be in such company. A reception followed and as I went off to sleep that evening, I thought, “This is a ripples come back to you” kinda day. Starting the day seeing my students apply their term learning so successfully and then receiving recognition and appreciation for my outreach work in schools, let me glimpse a bit of impact that I have in the world.

I usually say that, on most days, we must continue to drop pebbles into the pond and trust that we are doing good work. On rare days, some of the ripple from the pebbles hit the shore and some back to us allowing us to confirm that we’re on the right track. Thursday was that kind of day for me and I’m grateful for those days since they provide a dose of inspiration to continue climbing on even when the going is rough or long.

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8 Responses to From Snow Huts to Medals to Ripples in the Pond

  1. Geoff Aucoin says:

    So cool TA, nicely done.

  2. Trudy Veitch says:

    Congratulations again,… not enough can be said about your impact on students and your avid followers from here and around the world. Enjoy the moments!!

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Thanks Trudy. It was a true honour to receive the QEII Diamond Jubilee Medal. I appreciate all of your support as well as all I receive from the communities that surround me.

  3. Jean-Marcel Duciaume says:

    You are a real inspiration and I can only be proud of you. May your climbs continue to be as successful and bless you with deserved satisfaction. Love you. JM

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Thanks JM. Love you too! You and Brenda taught me so well…about writing…and about life. What a privilege to have such mentors in my life at a critical time and since then!

  4. forthwrite says:

    Congratulations! Proud to know you!

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