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How Living With/Through the COVID-19 Pandemic is Like Climbing Everest

With the spike in COVID-19 cases here in my region after months of doing fantastic keeping the virus at bay, I was thinking about our collective grief, sadness, anger, and sense of overwhelm at feeling like we are back at … Continue reading

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Exploring a Forgotten Trail: Hiking the Avondale River

Since March, Marian and I have been exploring and adventuring closer to home. We’ve been pushing ourselves to find and fall in love with new outdoor places rather than stick to all the places we already adore. We skied until … Continue reading

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Paddling Chance Cove

Mike, Marian, and I had another fabulous paddling day recently. We set out from Chance Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador and paddled to Rantem and then returned to Chance Cove. We departed from the government wharf, along with many folks headed out to catch cod during the food fishery. We looked across the bay to the popular Chance Cove hike, know for its stunning beauty. Unbeknownst to most hikers, is that the coastline opposite them is equally beauteous-but only accessible via boat, kayak, or bushwhack. Continue reading

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Beauty Day Out: Paddling from Chapels Cove to Harbour Main

Marian, Mike, and I spend a lovely day paddling from Chapels Cove to Harbour Main, NL and back. We wanted to share the beauty we saw and experienced with you.

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Almost Everything I Needed to Know about Getting Through Tough Times, I Learned on Aconcagua (and other mountains)

It feels like I’m on an expedition and I don’t know when this expedition will end. That’s new, because most of my expeditions have an end date when the float plane comes, when the climbing season ends due to monsoon, … Continue reading

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