You are Invited to Paddle North with Us!

Marian and I are “Paddling North” and you are invited! We will be leaving Jasper, Alberta on May 17 and paddling north approximately 3400 kilometres to the Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories and hope to arrive there in mid August. We will travel along four different rivers and we hope you’ll come along for the adventure. We will be accompanied by our Adventure Pig, Delilah. You can follow the expedition here at where we will be posting SPOT updates as well as an audio post daily. Where cellular or wifi coverage exist on the route, we will also try to post some pictures of our adventures, as well. You can also see pictures on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts (all are @taloeffler). Take care and catch you from four rivers while we are paddling north!

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1 Response to You are Invited to Paddle North with Us!

  1. Joan andrews says:

    I will happily travel along with you both as you enjoy another adventure. Take my Blessings and prayers with you for a safe and wonderful trip:)

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