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More Than a Mountain: One Woman’s Everest

More than a Mountain Book Cover

More than a Mountain is a deeply moving account of how one woman overcame adversity to reach out to youth by becoming a testament to the power of having big dreams and big goals.  Chronicling years of extraordinary personal growth and climbing achievements, Loeffler’s intimate and inspiring narrative explores her evolution as a mountaineer and Buddhist.  Writing with remarkable openness, humour, and introspection, Loeffler recounts her preparation for and climb of Mount Everest.  Her words are complemented with spectacular colour photos. With gripping description, she invites readers into the extreme world of high altitude climbing, giving them a candid look at places where most only dream to tread.

Download the First Chapter of TA’s Book:

Creative Book Publishers has generously agreed to entice you into reading the More Than a Mountain: One Woman’s Everest by providing the first chapter free of charge.  If you would like to read the first chapter of the book, click here: More Than a Mountain Chapter One to download it in PDF format.

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Some Comments from Readers:

Been reading your book….I’m speechless….I find myself reading the words, but feeling as if I’m experiencing each footstep on the mountains, seeing all the sights, and hearing all the sounds. At times I find myself so caught up in what I’m reading I’m holding my breath and very tense. The way you describe the scenes and your emotions is captivating. Congrats.

I finished your book!!! I couldn’t put it down!! Awesome!!! I laughed, I cried, I loved it!!!

I finished your book this morning and I was sad that I had come to the end, I wanted to read more! As I read your book I laughed and cried. You truly have a gift for touching people and inspiring us to appreciate life and to believe in ourselves always. Congrats!!

You can purchase TA’s book directly from her (which helps TA raise funds for climbing) by submitting the form below:

Other purchase options include:

Purchase TA’s Book online from Chapters-Indigo by clicking here.

Purchase TA’s Book as an ebook from the KOBO store by clicking here.

Purchase TA’s Book online from Creative Book Publishers by clicking here.

Purchase TA’s Book as an ebook from the Sony Reader’s Store by clicking here.

11 Responses to TA’s Book

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  5. Abigail Oldford says:

    Hi my name is Abigail Olford.I’m a nine year old girl.I have a dream to be a vet.I think you are going to reach your goal to climb the highest peaks on every continent.I go to St.Terasa’s.Your coming to our school to talk to us about to follow our dreams.Do you climb alone or is there someone with you?I think someone should be with you because if you get hurt you don’t have anyone to help you.

    • TA Loeffler says:

      I usually climb with my teammates but on a few occasions I’ve climbed alone. I’m always careful when I am climbing whether with my team or alone. Aiming to be a vet is a big and wonderful dream. You must love animals and want to help them. Keep working hard in school, taking care of any pets you might have (if you have any), and reading books (there are lots of great animal books).

      • Abigail Oldford says:

        Yes I do have pets.I have a dog named Daisy,a cat named Tyren and a fish named Shimmer.I do take good care of them.I love animals and like reading books about them too.Thank You sooooooo much for writing back to me


  6. dylan dyke says:

    Hi my name is Dylan Dyke I am a nine year old boy. I go to st.terasa’s scool. My favorite thing to do is play ice hockey thats my favorite sport. Me and most of my friends are in it with me. Me and my team only lost 4 or 5 games so far. I know that you are trying to reach your goal of climbing the highest peaks on the continents. You are coming to tell us about your self about and to tell us to follow are dreams. My dream is to be in the NHL and be in the hockey hall of fame. hopfully you will make it see you soon

    BY dylan

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Thanks for writing and telling me about your dreams. I love to play hockey as well. I play seven times per week. It’s an important part of my training and I think it is a really fun game to play. Keep practicing your hockey skills-it takes 10,000 repetitions to get really good at something! Keep your head up and skate hard.

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  8. Asantewaa Osei-agyemang says:

    Wow what an experience? This is a great way to overcome fears, develop high self-esteem and exercise at the same time
    Loving this. Wish I would be part of this some time to come.
    All the best to you and your team mates.

    Asantewaa Osei-Agyemang

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