Going, Going, Gone to Greenland

Dr. TA Loeffler is an adventurer, author, and professional keynote speaker from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.  TA is currently on her “Go for Greenland” expedition which includes a 250 km crossing of the Greenland Ice Cap culminating with an ascent of Gunnbjørn Fjeld, the highest peak in Greenland and the entire Arctic region. The route is thought to be a “world’s first” and should hold many adventurous moments.

The expedition runs from April 14 when the team flies to Constable Point Airport in Greenland to May 16 when the team is picked up in the Watkins Mountains by ski-equipped Twin Otter.  Check the current weather in Greenland by clicking here and view a map of the entire route here.

TA invites you to follow along on this expedition by reading her blog entries and expedition dispatches below.  You can send good wishes or messages of inspiration to TA by commenting on any of the expedition dispatches and they will be relayed to TA.  Schools or classrooms wanting to become virtual expedition members can email the expedition communications coordinator, Taylor Marsh, by clicking here.  See all of TA’s expedition dispatches about Greenland in one spot by clicking here.

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