Looking Back, Looking Forward…Mount Hillaby

I’ve spent much of the evening working on my website, getting it ready to share the excitement and challenges of my upcoming expedition to Greenland. I’ve set the home page to display my blog so it will be very easy for you to get current updates, the location of the team on the ice cap, and to cheer us on. I’ve changed the background colour to green in honour of Greenland, St. Patrick’s Day, Equinox, and the coming of Spring. It’s funny today that much of Canada is having a heat wave and we are still minus five degrees here in YYT. Good thing too-I still have lots of training to do.

As I’ve been sorting out what to leave on the website, what to change, and what to highlight, I’ve been flooded with lots of images and memories of past expeditions. I usually spent a lot of time reflecting on my last climb when embarking on the next. I realized that I never posted a summit picture from my last country high point: Mount Hillaby, the highest point in Barbados. It is my warmest and easiest country high point to date and I smile at the fun we had that day. The Newfoundland flag I am holding in the photograph has been to the top of nine country and six continental high points. I’ll be taking that same flag to Greenland in exactly three weeks.

Each day I work a bit on gear or electronics or my website or recruiting schools for outreach during the expedition along with training, I’m filled with a growing anticipation for the adventure ahead. My new SPOT device will enable me to send off daily location updates that you’ll be able to track on google maps and I’ll call off an audio dispatch each day too! Four schools have signed so far to be virtual explorers along side me and my student assistant Taylor is working hard on curriculum support materials. It’s going well as I look both forward and back.

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