TA’s School Visits

When TA spoke to the students at Stella Maris Academy in Trepassey, NL in 2006, TA had no idea that moment would lead to over 450 schools visits in five different countries and six different provinces.  TA’s educational outreach program has encouraged over 100,000 youth to have Big Dreams and Big Goals and to become more physically active.

TA often visits Grade Four and Grade Five classrooms to bring their Social Studies curriculum to life.  Sharing stories and pictures from explorations and expeditions, TA enthrals the students with nearly every child raising their hand to ask a question at the end of the presentation.  As part of past Everest climbs, TA developed various climbing-themed physical activity curricula for use in schools and community programs.  TA’s 2016 Everest climb curriculum can be downloaded here: TA’s Everest 3.0 School Curriculum.

Here’s some feedback from school presentations and expeditions:

Laurie McGrath, Newtown Elementary, Mount Pearl

TA…my class has never been more engaged this year! As I enter the room each morning I am met with a group asking to go in to the blog. I usually tell them, I will check on you after I get my coffee… and they are patient…..somewhat 🙂 They crowd around my Smartboard and chat about you, where you might be and how you are feeling. My Social Studies class for the past month has been you and your adventures and I can say that I have met so many outcomes of the program and students have learned so much!!

Jeff Crant, Teacher Mobile Central High

Once again, thanks for the tremendous presentation today. Absolutely
rave reviews from our students, staff and parents. We were indeed
fortunate to share in your story. Please feel free to join us if you are
in the area.

Ralph Percey, Principal Roncalli Central High

Thanks again for agreeing to come to our school. On Friday, we heard so
many more positive things from the kids in relation to your presentation,
I felt I had to send you another message of thanks.

Thanks again for your awesome presentation. I have passed along your name
to others in hopes that they will also invite you to their schools to
share your story of goals and hard work to meet them.  Great job. Good luck with your future adventures.

Booking TA for your School

If you would book TA for your school, please please email her using “SCHOOL SPEAKING REQUEST” in the subject line. Please include as much detail about the school event in your email as possible (date, place, theme, objectives, size, etc.). TA’s site moderator will pass on the request to TA and will assist in making the necessary arrangements.

Given the demands of her university career and her expeditions, TA’s speaking calendar often fills months in advance. TA can, on occasion, accept a last minute request so please don’t hesitate to ask.  You can also download  TA’s One Pager for more information.

Here are some resources for teachers:

Everest and other Expeditions

Education Through Expeditions (TA’s friend Antony Jinman’s organization that introduces expeditions to schools)

Wilderness Classroom (Understaking a three year expedition and hoping to involve 100,000 students)

Alan Arnette on Everest (TA’s friend Alan Arnette who is climbing Everest this spring)

Alan Arnette:  Mountaineering for Kids (Alan Arnette’s Everest for Kids page)

Jordan Romero (Summitted Mount Everest at age 13)

Gorman Korman Everest Trilogy (A trio of books about kids climbing Everest)

National Geographic Kids Feature on Sherpa People

Mount Everest: Crown of the World (A website for kids)

Discovery Channel’s Everest Website

Place-Based, Outdoor and Nature Education

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Syndrome (Richard Louv’s book that started a movement to get kids back outside and into nature)

Children and Nature Network (has lots of info about the importance of getting children outdoors)

The Nature Principle (Richard Louv’s latest book on human restoration through nature)

Udeskole in Scandavia: Teaching and Learning in Natural Places  (The benefits of taking school outside)

Promise of Place (website with Place-based education resources)

Benefits of Place-Based Education (a downloaded brochure that highlights the benefits of PBE)

Place-Based Education: Connecting Classrooms & Communities (David’s Sobel introduction to Place-Based Education)

Mapmaking with Children: Sense of Place Education for the Elementary Years (David Sobel on using maps across the elementary curriculum)

Childhood and Nature: Design Principles for Educators (David Sobel on linking curriculum with real world engagement)

Outdoor Nation (a movement led by youth to get youth outdoors)

Nature Explorium (excellent program run by a library)

Greening your School (Ideas to green your school)

4 Responses to TA’s School Visits

  1. HI T. A
    I am a grade five teacher from Trepassey teaching in St. Johns now for the last 4 years. I heard your presentation at Stella Maris yhere a few years ago. I loved it then, and I feel it would be great for our grade fives at St. Teresa’s . I realize you are busy but would be so excited if you could come to our schhol for a presentation!! Take care, let me know. Charlene Kennedy

  2. Chloe North says:

    Hi I’m Chloe and you visited my school today and I forgot to ask if you could write a kids novel about your adventure to Mount Everest.Also you are my role model.I’ve always wanted to climb Mount Everest.And just so you know I was the girl who asked if you always were an explorer.

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Hi Chloe,
      Thanks for writing. I will try to write a kids book when I get back from Mount Everest this spring. That sounds like a fun project. Thanks for telling me I am your role model. I’m glad you want to be an explorer. Have a good year at school.


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