The safe ate my laptop

Hello from The End of the World (as they call it here)

This will be a shorter than usual update as I’m finger typing it on my ipod. Why? Because the room safe is holding my laptop hostage. They are hoping the nice folks in Santiago can help free it in the morning

All is well here. My duffel is ready for the plane as soon as we finish orientation in the morning. All presently looks good for flying to the ice on Saturday.

Turns out there are only three of us on the team with Dave. So the smallest team I’ve climbed with. I’ll be tent mates with another woman from Canada and the other teammate,a man from NYC will tent with Dave.

I’m feeling pretty relaxed now that all the decisions have been made, but of course wondering how cold it will be. I heard for the Antarctic marathon today the weather was a lovely minus18. Hope I have enough fluffies.

A special hello to Rayne and Xander as I see penguin signs everywhere here and it makes me think of them.

Time to hit the hay as I’m still playing catch up after 46 hours of travel

More tomorrow, hopefully, my laptop will be freed

Special thanks to the Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union for their sponsorship of this climb.

Good night!

Sent from my iPod

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