Vinson Massif: Team arrives at base camp

Here is the latest update from TA’s team who are climbing Antarctica’s highest peak, Mount Vinson right now:

Posted by: Dave Hahn | December 04, 2011
Elevation: 7,200′

Dave Hahn called from Vinson Base Camp early this morning after the team arrived on the mountain. Below is the transcript from his call:

Hey, this is Dave Hahn on calling from Vinson Base Camp again. The Illyusion came in today at Union Glacier, it was a spectacular day – actually started a little bit cloudy, still a little bit ice crystals in the air, chance of fog, but the afternoon was just sparkling and beautiful and the airplane came in in the evening and brought in my next group of climbers. So the four of us then clambered…out of the Illyusion and into Twin Otters. But first we had Illyusion Stew there at Union Glacier – the traditional meal there on the ice in the ALE Dining Tent. Then kind of a midnight ride through the Ellsworth mountains, really beautiful, the shadows long. And the Twin Otters on skis, brought us out to Branscomb Glacier. A perfect landing going uphill on the glacier at 7000’ and Vinson splendid out in front of us. And now it’s 2:30 and we’ve gathered our tent’s up. We’re in shadow. So, I’m not gonna stay up too much longer… [Call lost].

The Ellsworth Mountains and Vinson Massif

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Many thanks to the Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union for their financial assistance in getting TA to Antarctica to climb Mount Vinson.

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