Skiing in Place

Another great day out training for Greenland. I love this picture of Marian standing at the edge of Windsor Lake. The fish eye lens of the Go-Pro has curved the horizon and given the picture a very sensuous feeling. I’d never skied on Windsor Lake before and I loved the sense of exploration as we wound our way along its edges.

There are many bays and points in the lake so there are many “corners” to peer around and discoveries to be made. I was wearing my Garmin so we enjoyed the trip the second time when our route appeared on Google Maps from the device.

I’m playing here at the ice/water interface, marvelling at the ice turning to water using my skis to bridge the two states of hydrogen and oxygen beneath my feet. It feels like ski time is precious with the melting of snow and ice accelerating this time of year. I’m using the ski sessions to sort out boot issues (which we made good progress on today-more on that in a future blog post) and to get acquainted with my new skis (loving the metal edges and the control they give).

Here Marian is having a chuckle as I’m down on the ice. I’d stopped to take a picture of some ski tracks and managed to knock myself over-I protected the camera on the way down and caught my girl in a wonderful smile.

The ski tracks that “knocked” me over…once again I’m filled with gratitude for having a project that gets me outside, into nature, and moving meditatively. I was back into “anything’s possible” head space today and now I’m dropping off to sleep after a full and rich weekend.

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