Terrific Explorations Thursday May 10

Fun Fact of the Day

Greenland is one of the least inhabited areas of the world. There are only about 150 towns and villages in all of Greenland.

Today’s Activity

Explorers: Sarah and Eric McNair-Landry

For our last Terrific Exploration Thursday we are going to learn a little about a couple of modern explorers. This brother and sister duo were raised up exploring by having Arctic guides as parents and the Baffin Island as a backyard. When Sarah was 21 and Eric 23, they decided to snowkite across Greenland’s ice sheet, which was about 2,414 km expedition. In order for them to start kiting they first had to hike four days dragging their equipment to the starting point. They then spent six weeks snowkiting across Greenland at speeds that sometimes reached up to 32 km/h! Sarah said that motivation for this trip was to inspire the next generation of explorers however, Sarah and Eric did claim some records from this trip. The first was that they were the first brother-sister team to cross the Ice Sheet, and the second was that Sarah is the youngest to do a south-to-north traverse.

Their trip to Greenland was not the only expedition they were greatly known for. They both also skied unassisted to the South Pole when they were teenagers and they explored the Gobi Desert by kite-buggy!



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