Peaks and Passes Day 14: April 28

Expedition Itinerary Plan for Day 14:

We continue our ascent of the North flank of Mera Peak to a spectacular eyrie nestled below a rocky outcropping on the ridge. Camp (5800m).

Fun Fact of the Day
The first ascent of Mera Central was on May 20, 1953 by Col. Jimmy Roberts and Sen Tenzing (who was known by the nickname The Foreign Sportsman).

Today’s Activity: Crevasse Crossing

Purpose: To get students moving and thinking; to get them to come up with strategies on how to cross over a separation in the floor which depicts the crevasses you will encounter on Mount Everest.  To do this they must get one person at a time across the “crevasse”, while getting all the equipment to the other side as well.

Materials Needed:  Per group; 2 cones, 1 mat, 1 rope, 1 hockey stick, 1 ball, 1 bean bag.

The object of the game is for each team to get across the crevasse without falling into it.  Also you have to get all your equipment across the crevasse.  If any part of the students body touches the space between the cones (known as the crevasse), they have to drop what equipment they have and return to the starting shore.  Students have to figure out how to use the equipment to cross the crevasse.  The fun part is once one or two students get across they have to send it back to the other side somehow.  Many times they will get stuck and have to rescued by another student on another piece of equipment.  It forces the students to work  strategically together as a group.

Which method worked best to get everyone across the crevasse? Did you each take on different roles? Was communication and teamwork important?


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