Peaks and Passes Day 15: April 29

Expedition Itinerary Plan for Day 15:

We make the technically easy ascent of Mera Peak (6476m). The summit view includes 5 of the World’s 6 highest mountains. Descend to the Hongu Valley. Camp (5200m).

Fun Fact of the Day


Mera Peak is 6,476 metres high.

Today’s Activity: Heat Loss Dance

Purpose: To teach students the different ways they can lose heat outdoors.

Using the teachers specifications as a guide, the students will dance out the 4 types of heat loss.

–   The teacher shows the class a diagram of the forms of heat loss which includes CONVECTION, CONDUCTION, RADIATION, and EVAPORATION.

–  As a group, the teacher and class walk through the general space following the forms of heat loss. Name a form of heat loss and have the children move around the gym while using the corresponding dance (allow the to make up their own). Walking through the different types will give the students a better idea of basically how heat loss works as well as memorizing the four types.

What is conduction? Convection? Radiation? Evaporation? Was listening carefully important? Why?

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4 Responses to Peaks and Passes Day 15: April 29

  1. HTE 403 says:

    Hi TA thanks for letting the class know how high the alatude is on Mera Peak and how are you doing? Thanks Matthew

  2. HTE 403 says:

    That is my fav pic yet from zach

  3. HTE 403 says:

    Hi T.A it’s me hayley!
    That picture is beautiful!
    The sun is shining on the mountain!
    So cool 🙂
    Anyways,this morning we have the iPads again!
    We are always on your blog!
    We love it!
    We have to do a project on Nepal , Himalayas , Kathmandu , Mount Everest , Nepal flowers , yaks and dzouz and Sherpa!
    Anyways I have to go work on the project talk to you later!
    From: hayley 🙂

  4. HTE 403 says:

    Hi TA thanks for letting the class know how high the alatude on Mera Peak and have fun. Thanks Matthew.Hi TA thanks for sending the class pictures of the prayer flags and everything else are you having fun up in the mountain hope you do not get mountain sick.JOSHUA

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