From Tea House to Raj Palace

We made quite the transition this morning transferring via twin otter from the small mountain village of Lukla to the chaotic metropolis of Kathmandu. We also moved from simple tea house to former Raj Palace-the Shankar Hotel.
After 24 days on the trail, a hot shower was much appreciated as well the salad and pizza and ice cream at the Roadhouse Cafe, one of my favourite Thamel haunts. Marian and I did a bit of shopping and visited with Raj, my Nepali brother and drank plenty of fresh lemon soda to combat the heat of Kathmandu.

It’s a huge switch from a simple life of sleep some, walk some, eat some… to the multiple choice life of the big city and I think each in the group dealt/deals with such a change in their own way. Some are eager for home and some can’t wait to get back to the trail, some are planning for the beach and some to walk the entire spine of the Himalayas.

We’ll enjoy a city tour and abut more Kathmandu tomorrow before facing the challenge of stuffing all gear back into the duffels for the 24 hour trip home on Saturday…another adventure lived and learned from…

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