What’s TA Climbing Next IV? Clue #4

Turns out I have three climbing objectives for the fall. Congrats to Mona who honed in on the Atlas Mountains and to Carla for coming up with Jbel Toubkal (and Patti and Cathy as well), the highest peak in Morocco and North Africa as my first climb…I realized I forgot one of the acclimatization climbs for Toubkal…the second highest peak in Morocco…who can find the name of that one? The peak as far as I can gather in pronounced something like toque ball…which if you look back, you can see I was wearing a toque in the first peak and the dung beetles were rolling a dung ball in the second…toque ball…get it? 🙂 I’ll do a separate post introducing the Morocco climbs once the guessing is done…

And now onto peak two, err three-the one I am climbing in late November…the photo clue above is the first one for the November climb…

Please enter your guess(es) on my blog/website (it is so satisfying to see the graph with site visits go up). If you list a guess on Facebook-please also place it on the blog. Two guess max per person per day…we don’t want this thing over instantly! The photo above is your third clue…I’ll provide clues for the first peak until it is guessed and then the second… the winning guess must list both climbs…peak detectives start your googling!


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