Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #24

Hey this is TA calling from Day 24. Some of you that know me know that 24 is my favorite number. An elevation of 3492 and the village is called Sadom. We actually walked downhill today for about 7 hours. Losing about 1500 m from our high point of the lumbha sambha yesterday and we’ve landed in the village of Sadom. And it is a very small village. Said to be closer to Tibet than the rest of Nepal and we definitely felt a little bit of a parade as we walked through. The only trekkers that would ever end up here are Great Himalayan Trail trekkers. 3 young boys have already taken up residence, sort of watching camp to see what they could see. Once we had tea, the village women and children came over and sort of peered into the tent and so we shared our cookies and one had a toothache so we suggested she found our leader who found her some pain meds. And Camolina used her tablet to shoot and share videos with the assembled crowd which was (inaudible).

It’s a big day here for new things. We’re in a new village. We’re also on a new map so we have to traverse four different maps and we’ve just joined our second map. We’re also in a new watershed having come down from a path and saw so many beautiful views today and out headlamps got new batteries. In my exhausted stupor and lack of oxygen, I forgot to say yesterday that it was very fun to watch the staff enjoying reaching the lumbha sambha as well. They were snapping photos and posing and even a few pulled out their phones and grab a minute or two of 5128m cell phone coverage. So that was pretty fun to watch. I was thinking today of the Canadian tire commercial that aired during the olympics that said every gold medal was a team event and that is definitely true of this great big walk. I then telling you all about the trek team that has been so instrumental in us coming over the pass in the last few days. But I also know there is a comm team at home, Brianne and Anthony and Earl. There is a home team. Thanks Alex for watching the house. There is a team of colleagues that covers for me at work when something needs to get done while I’m gone. I have a training team, a health care team, lots of folks out there cheering for me and so I think I wanted to send out some love and hugs and thanks to all of you for being on the team and know that this great big walk is possible because you all are there in support of it as well.

Speaking of great big walk, it was a bit of a bigger walk today at least as recorded by our fitbits. Marian had 21 340 steps for about 14.81 km. I had 21 171 steps for 13.99 km and Camolina was the big winner today with 22 801 steps, 15km. We were basically losing elevation so I had 7 floors, Marian had 6. We figured the last couple of days why we had such low readings is when we climb at altitude we’re taking basically very slow, very rhythmic kind of steps and it maybe that the accelerometer in the fitbit can’t sort of pick those up as elevation gained. We figured it was probably decently accurate with the steps but maybe not so much with the floors. So that’s it here today from day 24. It was great to come out here to the thick air. I can almost talk to you in a full sentence without losing my breath. We’re getting stuff dried out a little bit so the snow has come in once again in the late afternoon but we did wake up to a beautiful blue sky and it was amazing to see all of the peaks that surrounded us. We did get to see Makalu today, the fifth highest peak in the world and it was gorgeous. Also saw the Lhotse and will be heading towards Makalu over the next sort of while. We are now officially in the Makalu region. On the Makalu map so you will be hearing more about Makalu as we go. So we’ve got two days more walking till our rest day when we can hopefully get everything truly dried out but know we appreciate knowing that you’re out there. Hope you’re taking some walks or doing something to be physically active yourselves and we will catch you from tomorrow. Thanks have a great day. Bye!

Total Steps for TA: 21,171 steps

Total Steps for Marian: 21,340 steps

Total Distance for TA: 13.99 km

Total Distance for Marian: 14.81 km

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland

Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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