Great Big Walk Day 34: To Kalo Pokhari (4100m)

Kalo Pokhari (4100m/6hrs)
We continue towards the Makalu Barun National Park. At times the trail will be
steep and rocky with some scrambling sections and challenging climbs. We will skirt around the picturesque Molun Pokhari (lake) and head south and south east crossing rivers, sometimes via logs, and penetrating thick rhododendron forest. These days on the trail are challenging as this area is not often travelled and there may be very limited space for camp sites.

Quote for the Day

Happiness, Success, Excellence: They are not something you get for knowing the path; they are something you experience by walking it.
Steve Maraboli

Did You Know?

The Great Himalaya Trail program is proving to be an economic boost for Nepal’s tourism industry and it is set to provide some income to and opportunities to remote villages off of traditional trekking trails.

Find Your Fit Fact

Regular walkers have fewer heart attacks and strokes, have lower blood pressure, and have higher levels of healthy HDL cholesterol than couch sitters do. In one study of women, a regular walking program did just as much in the heart-protection department as more vigorous exercise did.

Activity Suggestion: Mountain Gear Stormy

Activity Description: Pick three members of the class to be the taggers, they will stand in the middle of the gym. The remaining students will line up on one of the baselines of the basketball court or equivalent. The three taggers will select 3-4 different types of mountain climbing gear (i.e. Backpack, Water, Rope, Food, Jacket, Boots, etc.). The students lined up on the baseline will select one of these types of gear and remember their choice. The taggers will then call out one type of gear and any student who selected that type of gear will try and run from one end of the gym to the other without getting tagged. If they do get tagged they join the taggers in the middle. If at any point the taggers call out “Mountain Gear Stormy,” all of the students on the baseline must try to get to the other side. The game continues until all students are caught.

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