Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #37

Hey this is TA calling in from day 37 of the great big walk. We are located here at Langmali khara at an elevation of approximately 4400 m. We had a great walk today, in some ways truly Nepali flat as we actually gained 800 m which I guess is a contradiction in terms. The day started fairly cloudy and misty but then it cleared and gave us about 5 hours of expansive views. This particular area has sometimes been compared to Yosemite. So some of our team mates who have seen Yosemite say it is unfair to Nepal to make that comparison but awesome, we saw some ice falling off. We were safe of course at the time and that was pretty fun and had some crows come and visit us at lunch. They are often called gorax here and they were quite bold and they were quite fun to watch over lunch.

As we left this morning we passed by a Hindu shrine that looks on the mountainside like one of the deities and we were told that thousands of hindu muslims will trek to this region around the August full moon as the pilgrimage to this particular formation of rock in the mountain and definitely today was a day for digging deep. It was definitely a fatigue filled day for me. We’ve been moving for 10 days. I actually figured out that we’d gained about 6000 m of elevation gained, similar to (inaudible). The beep thing you hear is my phone getting ready to run out of battery because we haven’t had much sun in the last 6 days either. So I could cut off. Just know that we’ve got one more battery to go and hopefully some sun tomorrow. Marian had 15 897 steps and 11 km today. 243 floors of elevation gained. I had 16 040, 216 floors and 14 km and Cam was 14 586, coming in right around 10 km. Our two teams are coming together rather well. We know actually have 4 Lakhpa’s on our team, helping us out. You may remember Lakhpa’s are born on Wednesday and I thought we would visit a couple other Sherpa words today for the cardinal direction. North is Chayang, East is shah, south is low and west is noob. So we will go via a peak called lopi shah and that means that it is sort of east of lopi and some have said that could be considered the 9th 8000m peak in Nepal. So we will keep this short one because we are running out of battery. Thanks Kay. One text did get through. Appreciate that and we are all looking forward to our rest day tomorrow to catch up. Hopefully have some sun. Get our electronics charged and definitely recharge our legs. Thanks! have a great day and remember to get out for a great big walk yourself. Take care! bye!

Total Steps for TA: 16 040, 216 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 15 897 steps, 243 floors

Total Distance for TA: 14 km

Total Distance for Marian: 11 km

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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