Great Big Walk Day 41: To Swiss Base Camp (5150m)

To Swiss Base Camp (5150m/5-6hrs)
The second half of trek to Swiss BC is tricky and involves boulder hopping as we follow the Barun Glacier directly beneath Makalu enormous west face. Swiss Base Camp is situated amongst the moraine in a sandy spot directly opposite the mighty West Pillar on Makalu. Very few campsites a this close to one of these 8000m giants.

Quote for the Day

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity…
John Muir

Did You Know?

Kaligandaki is the river older than the Himalaya. Therefore, it acts as a major ecological dividing line of the whole eastern and western Himalaya

Find Your Fit Fact

Walking regularly can lower your risk of arthritis, macular degeneration, and even cancer by an astonishing 50% compared with people who don’t exercise.

To get people more physically active during the workday, ParticipACTION is promoting Sneak It In Week during the week of April 7th.

It’s easy to participate.  Wear sneakers to work.  Walk to lunch.  Park a few blocks away.  Hit the pavement on your coffee break.  As long as your heart beats faster for 10 minutes, it really counts!  You’ll see how easy it can be to fit in more activity during your workday.  So get active and sneak it in.  You’ll be rewarded with a longer, happier, more fulfilling life!  We invite you to participate in this fun and worthwhile initiative!  Tools and resources are available on their website.

Activity Suggestion: Zero Zero Clear

Equipment: None

“Zero” and “Clear” are two words that are commonly use for mountaineering and for expeditions. “Zero” means stop and “Clear” means go. Communication between members is extremely importation for the safety of each group member. This activity will help introduce group members to one another as well as practice their communication skills.

Split up class into as many groups as needed. Get students to sit in a circle on the floor and get one person to stand up. This ice breaker is similar to “Duck Duck Goose” in which one person will start tapping heads saying “Zero”. Once they say, “Clear” that person will get up and run the opposite way as the tagger. Once they met each other running they must stop and shake hands and say “Hello teammate how are you?” and then continue running to try and beat the other to the spot. Whoever arrivals last then will be the tagger.


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