Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #42

Hey it’s TA calling from Swiss base camp at an elevation of 5211 m above sea level on day 42 of the great big walk. This was a R&R or an R&A day for us again. Rest and acclimatization. We spent the morning doing a lot of walking uphill to gain about 200 m or about 60 floors of elevation gained to give our bodies a little prompting to begin the changes that it continues to need to make as we walk ever higher and then we had a great lunch and then in the afternoon we did some preparation of practicing with our plastic boots, our double walled climbing boots, our crampons or footbangs as I like to call them and practice walking in glacier (inaudible) together. So it has been a busy yet restful day, I had 6027 steps. Cam had 6109 and Marian had 6 378 and as I said about 60 floors for elevation gained and about 4 km for distance. So not our biggest exertion day for sure but that was because it was an R&A day. It is also find your fit Friday. I am a master for find your fit with recreation of Newfoundland and Labrador and one of the aims of the great big walk is to get people out and active in whatever way makes sense for them. Whether that is walking running, skipping, jumping, swimming, biking, whatever fit, aerobics, strength training, so for more resources, you can visit the recreation of Newfoundland and Labrador website.

For us here I wanted to say a big thanks to Phil and Karen for the texts. Good wishes and prayers. We set off tomorrow to begin anywhere between 5 and 7 day passage of the three high passes. For those of you that are familiar with white water. It feels a little bit like we’ve done the scout and we’re on top of the rapid and our hearts are beating a little bit faster and we’re about to start riding the V wave and once you’re on the V wave you’ve got to pull it through and you just sort of make your plan and then run your plan and that is what we will do here. We had some porters and some of our climbing sherpas today go out and go to the foot of our first call and drop some rice and some kerosene to make tomorrow’s passage a little bit easier. We’ll move to the base camp before our first pass tomorrow and then up and over and it’s going to be exciting and as you can see even I’m still acclimating here to 5200. Tomorrow we will be at 5600 or 5700 and then we will go over the 6100 m pass.

Another 4 seasons in a day day. Gorgeous this morning here at the Swiss base camp resort and now it is snowing and quite chilly and it said that temperatures in the tent last night went to 20 degrees fahrenheit so I am guessing that is about -5, -6 degrees C and it is only going to get colder from here. Wanted to say a big happy birthday to Gill’s mom, Anne from all of us here on the great Himalayan trail. And I wanted to give you one little bit of learning bit today and that is the Nepali word tse which means peak and so as we go around the corner tomorrow we will see Baruntse which is the peak of Barun. You know that we’ve travelled along the Barun natti, today from our perch here on Swiss base camp we can see the Barun glacier, we’re travelling in Makalu Barun national park and then as we go around the corner we will see Baruntse which is 7 152 m and there are quite a few peaks of course none of which I can remember at the moment that also have tse in their name but yet another little word for us to practice. Marian is sitting here beside me in the tent under our lovely flat base sleeping bag and oh yes Island peak. For those of you out there that have heard of Island peak, its other name is Imjatse and also on the same ridge line with Everest and lhotse there is shartse and shartse two and farentse which I probably just didn’t say properly.

And the other highlights for me for today was this morning the sky was beautifully clear and on our walk we could see a beautiful view of Everest including the North East ridge and seeing it form this angle is wonderful to add to all the other angles I’ve seen it from. So happy find your fit Friday. TGIF for all of you. Know that for us we’re going to work big time this weekend. Lots of elevation gain, lots of cold temperature and elevation to adjust to, but we’ve got a strong team, we’re confident and looking forward to supporting each other in the big challenges coming up. So happy Friday. Talk to you tomorrow from Sherpani base camp. Take care. Bye!

Total Steps for TA: 6027 steps, 60 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 6 378 steps, 60 floors

Total Distance for TA:  4 km

Total Distance for Marian:  4 km

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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