Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #44

Hey this is TA calling in from day 44 of the great big climb as it was today. It was definitely not a walk. We are located at West kol camp at approximately 6130m above sea level and I probably won’t be able to get sentences out without pausing because we are 500 or so meters above our camp last night without an acclimatization stop. It was what I might call usually an epic day. We had a 4am wake up and I know for me I slept pretty well in the early part of the evening, but then didn’t really sleep from about midnight on. So not much sleep. It was definitely a super cold morning and if you looked around the breakfast tablet people we’re terribly interesting in eating. So not much sleep, not much breakfast. Super cold and off we went to try to gain, actually we did more than try as Judah says there is no try do or don’t do and we did gain enough elevation to cross the kol.

In looking at all the maps. Our itinerary says we went over Sherpani kol. We’re not convinced. It might have been East kol, it might have been some unnamed kol but it could’ve been Sherpani kol as well. So we gained the 500 m then we had fixed lines to go the last really sort of super steep part to the kol. It was pretty amazing to watch our climbing Sherpa’s send all the loads down over the kol using a flying fox or zipline down to the ground. Once they were finished with that then we all had about a 6 section abseil rappel down to the other side of the pass and then we had about a hour and a half or an hour pole into across the glacier, the Barun glacier, to our camp here. We’re fairly close to West kol which I will suspect be crossing tomorrow and kind of exciting after the big day having some (inaudible) as I often. I like definitely not the opera if you want to hear a fun story about me and a tea bottle after an epic day. Check out the live show. OK let’s make it the lower Barun glacier that we walked across this afternoon. Didn’t fall in any kavasses so that is good. So yeah check out the live show podcast from St. John’s and you can hear me talking about the joys of using a tea bottle with cramping legs.

Trying to rehydrate and snack up here after our big day. I was thinking this day definitely went in the top 5 or maybe top 8 epic mountain days for me along in that list would be Denali summit day, the Aconcagua summit day, the returning to camp two for summer (inaudible) in 2010 after only 2 days rest day and probably some others. I think it is definitely a type two kind of a day. I think it will seem fun maybe in a week or so. At the moment I think people are pretty tired and have had big days. We actually have several more epic days on the horizon so keep that support and good thoughts for the great big walk coming. Not sure the fitbit was all that accurate today but Marian had 4797 steps, 3.3 km and I had 7979 and 43 floors really with a 500 m gain that is actually well above 1500 feet probably about 150 floors would be more accurate and Cam’s tent is too far away to get her steps. I will try get those for you tomorrow. To Cam’s family know she did fabulous today she is doing great and thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts and it was a, dare to say it was altitude records all round in the team of participants except for me and so that is pretty exciting for everyone and that might be all that I can semi-coherently say at the moment before supper. So day 44, not only a great big walk, a great big climb and thanks for tuning in and we will catch you from tomorrow. Take care. bye!

Total Steps for TA: 7979 steps, 43 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 4797 steps, 150 floors

Total Distance for TA: 3.3 km

Total Distance for Marian: 3.3 km

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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1 Response to Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #44

  1. Trudy Veitch says:

    Thank you TA for the great reporting today. It was exciting just to follow the description of your eventful day with the team. I’ve missed checking in due to a gigantic holiday in South America.. which was also an epic adventure, but not of the walking/climbing kind. All the best with tomorrows efforts and I hope the leg cramping is settling down and you manage a good nights sleep!

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