Great Big Walk Day 46: To Amphu Labsta Base (5400m)

Amphu Labsta Base (5400m)
The Amphu Labsta pass is situated immediately at the head of the valley to our right and is basically the low point on the ridge between the Honku and the Imja valleys. For this day or so we are in the Honku. A new vista of peaks span out before us including Ama Dablam to the distant west, and many unnamed peaks. Amphu Labsta Base Camp is set close to the rocks that lead up to the pass.

Quote for the Day

Travel is the discovery of truth; an affirmation of the promise that human kind is far more beautiful than it is flawed. With each trip comes a new optimism that where there is despair and hardship, there are ideas and people just waiting to be energized, to be empowered, to make a difference for good.
Dan Thompson

Did You Know?

Some of the natural hazards that afflict Nepal include severe thunderstorms, landslides, avalanches, and floods.

Find Your Fit Fact

Walking helps alleviate symptoms of depression. Walking for 30 minutes, three to five times per week for 12 weeks reduced symptoms of depression as measured with a standard depression questionnaire by 47%.

Activity Suggestion: Heat Loss Dance

Purpose: To teach students the different ways they can lose heat outdoors.

Using the teachers specifications as a guide, the students will dance out the 4 types of heat loss.

–   The teacher shows the class a diagram of the forms of heat loss which includes CONVECTION, CONDUCTION, RADIATION, and EVAPORATION.

–  As a group, the teacher and class walk through the general space following the forms of heat loss. Name a form of heat loss and have the children move around the gym while using the corresponding dance (allow the to make up their own). Walking through the different types will give the students a better idea of basically how heat loss works as well as memorizing the four types.

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