M is for Morning Mind: Ama Dablam #10

It was a gorgeous morning out on the East Coast Trail for an “Up-Down” training hike above Quidi Vidi. My training pack has grown to 45 pounds and my legs are regaining strength and stamina as they lift me up and down hills all about town. On this second day of fall, the temperature dropped a bit leaving a chilly wind blowing us up the hill this morning in the gathering light of day.

As the light rose from the sea, I revelled in the clear mind of morning. My mind, for a change was quiet, filled with the optimism, and the heaviness of mind I’ve felt of late was gone like the night. I attended a meditation retreat this past weekend and I credit that, and a meditation interview with my teacher, Moh, with the return of quiet morning mind.

A quietness, like the morning sun, rose up almost unperceived, until it startled me with clarity and light. In other words, I hadn’t noticed how quiet it was until I noticed how noisy it had been. With an instruction of “not too tight, not too loose,” I’ve found some relaxation in living with a moment by moment awareness of my/our mortality that has been dawning in me for the past while. Some Buddhists call it, “Living like your hair’s on fire” and indeed, that’s how it felt some of late. But just as the morning light changes from deep and fiery orange to the gentle glow of a yellow orb, so has the urgency to figure it all out right now.

Thanks to Moh, Marian, Sarah, Diane, and Wanda for helping me to and/or joining me in seeing the light of day (and the light of me) this week, it’s a fine view and makes training for big mountains (and life) much more fun!

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