Chilean Clif Notes and Pictures

Some folks said they were scared off by the length of my last posting so as I make my transition back from the icy heights to the ice of the hockey rink, I thought I would provide a summary version of the various postings.

Chilean Recipe for Adventure

Imagine a moonscape of red, oranges, ochres, sages, and beiges.
Add classic and not so classic volcano shapes.
Mix in laughter and shared experience.
Stir in views of copper, gold, and silver mines.
Take it step by step as elevation is gained.
Bake in the world’s driest desert.
Descend until sea level.
Drive for three days to tallest volcano in the world.
Withstand windy, cold, cold conditions.
Bake in high altitude UV.
Climb as high as you can before AMS and cold weather shut you down shy of the goal.
Feel better.
Solve truck crisis and make it to the airport in the nick of time.
Fly for 36 hours.
Return to regular life.
Tell bits of the story.
Jump into Christmas.
Post pictures to website.
Start dreaming of Africa.
Gather ingredients.
Start training tomorrow.

You can find pictures from the climb at two URL’s:

Pictures of Flat Stanley’s adventures can be found at:

Thanks to all for coming along on this most amazing journey over the past six months. I wish you and your families the very best of the holiday season and I hope 2008 brings you lots of love, joy, and adventure of the sort you desire.

Take good care,


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