Kili Karuna #10

Happy Ides of March to All,

Hopefully we all fare better than Caesar as we approach this year’s ides. I’m tired tonight so this will likely be short update unless I catch a sixth or seventh wind. Another training phase is over and I will enjoy a rest week upcoming. This phase brought a renewed sense of strength and muscular development. I’m starting to see some of my muscles come back after all the wasting that happened on Everest. The concentrated effort is paying off with both gains in strength and cardiovascular fitness.

I set my alarm for six-thirty this morning hoping to get my long run in before meeting the Kili team for an adventure race. I awoke to ice pellets playing knock-knock jokes on the window and promptly decided that outside was not where I wanted to run and there wasn’t enough time to get to the gym and back and do the long run. Given the change to daylight savings time, I was feeling sleepy so I did something rare for me; I went back to bed and slept until the second alarm woke me.

The weather had improved some so I packed my pack and headed out to Butterpot to meet some of the WOKies (Women of Kilimanjaro) as we are now calling ourselves. We got our maps and headed out to the barrens and bogs of the park in search of orienteering controls. It is said if you do something once, that’s nice. Twice, it’s a habit and three times, a tradition. So another team member took a big dive into a bog stream today so I’m thinking, we’re well on our way to a tradition of team bog diving. Not to be deterred from the grand adventure she was on, she changed her soaks, put her feet in Sobey’s bags, and was ready to keep going in short order. She said, “This is a great way to test gear for Kili!”

Actually, the entire hike was…we were treated to light snow then freezing rain then flying ice pellets, then soaking rain, and finally a wee bit of sun. We returned to the lodge with a great appreciation for Gore-Tex and other fabulous modern fabrics and that wonderful pride that comes from being out in weather most would cower from! I went directly the woods to the arena and from the arena to do a presentation (via a shower).

I had high hopes of doing my long run at the end of my presentation but was feeling too spend. I love doing the presentations but I find I give out so much energy during them that I need some recovery time afterward. I recognize in myself, a greater flexibility to vary from my training schedule. I have more ability to listen to my body and to trust that “good enough is enough.” I know that the sum of the week has to include calculations related to all of life, not just training. So I came home after the presentation and relaxed a bit. I’ll run tomorrow or the next day. It all works.

I made a decision about the next mountain that I am climbing after Kilimanjaro this week but I’m going to leave you in suspense for the week because I just ran out of gas for typing and I want to give you the full picture the project deserves!

Have a good week,


PS. Update 10 on the 10th…pretty cool, eh?

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