Back in Canada


The last few days have been a whirlwind of flights and airports. On the 28th, I had breakfast in Lukla, lunch in Kathmandu and supper aboard a plane for Hong Kong. I had to make a very quick decision to fly that night or stay on my original itinerary and arrive a day late for the 3M retreat. So, with moments to spare, I threw things in duffels and subjected myself to the chaos that is Kathmandu airport. Flew overnight. Had nine hours in Hong Kong and then flew through the night again, landing in Toronto last night around 6 an exhausted puppy. Got some sleep last night and have begun to exchange night for day.

I’m flying to Ottawa to spend the day with a dear friend Zoe and then tomorrow head to the 3M retreat hopefully rested and ready to go (just have to sort out where to do some expedition laundry). I have to take my monster bags through 5 different desitations in the next two weeks before finally landing home in St. John’s on November 12. I, of course, just want to be home right now but look forward to all the amazing experiences that the next days will bring.

I’m still reflecting on the expedition substantially and I will keep you posted on those musings.

I read your comments during the expedition. Thank you for your wonderful words and sentiments of support. Much appreciated.


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