This is TA calling in from Pumori base camp, all tucked snuggly in my sleeping bag, its chilly here tonight as it has been. I’m calling a little bit later because I wanted to have the full update to send out. Our Sherpa’s worked throughout the day to put the route in from camp one to camp two today. They got the route up under the first pillar but in terms of me being able to make a summit attempt that was not far enough progress. So my summit hopes are gone for this particular climb. I’m doing ok with that, I’ve reached some clarity around making it to the 3m teaching fellowship retreat, and realizing it’s really an Everest of teaching. This mountain isn’t going anywhere so I can always come back to it.

So at the moment the plan is I’m going to go up to ABC tomorrow, advanced base camp, and if I’m feeling good and happy I will make camp and enjoy the view. Then if I’m feeling good the next day I will go ahead and push up to camp one, so that I can have the experience of sleeping up there because the tents are in some pretty amazing spots, pretty close to the ridge and the views will be amazing. Then I will come on down and hopefully head for a village down from here, the next day to give me the most number of try’s at getting out of Lukla. If I’m too tired I have room in my schedule to stay here and pack and then have 3 days to walk down to Lukla, and still have 3 attempts to get out. The weather will hopefully be ok, it’s been pretty good so hopefully it won’t be too much of an issue getting out of Lukla. To wait any longer to try and make it summit bid would mean that I would be operating with only one opportunity to get out of Lukla. That would make it pretty challenging if anything went wrong to catch my international flight which would mean that I would miss the retreat and so on and so forth.

Yesterday in the uncertainty and the in the bardo it was tough; today the clarity was much easier or easier anyway. So I spent the day watching climbing TV and just staring at the ceiling and enjoying my teammates. It will be interesting to be up on the mountain on my own the next two evenings if that’s how it works out. Then start trekking down into the thicker air and the new colors and all that kinda stuff. So that is the scoop from here, thanks for all your support and I will check in tomorrow hopefully from advanced base camp

Have a good day


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