From Pumori Base Camp


This is TA calling in from Mount Pumori base camp 5284 metres. I’m sitting here in my tent, in my ultimate layer otherwise known as my sleeping bag because the sun has gone behind the clouds and when that happens the temperature drops. Outside my vestibule I see a wonderful glacial lake that’s part of our water supply as well as the most commanding view of Mount Pumori. If I look out the back of my tent I see Everest’s summit pyramid in all of its glory. It’s the most amount of the summit pyramid that I’ve ever seen from any of the places that I’ve been privileged to see it.

It was about a 3 and ½ to 4 hour trip in here to our base camp. It’s pretty exciting to be here, to see all the hard work the Sherpa’s have been doing to get our base camp set up. We had our wonderful first meal in our mess tent. We’ve begun to see how much rock dancing we are going to need to do over the glacial moraines. To move some of our supplies over to our advanced base camp will mean learning to flow and balance over those rocks over the next few days. We hear the Lama is coming in tonight for a Puja ceremony tomorrow.

At the moment I have an Irish flag as well as a Cork flag flying from my tent in honor of Kate my tent mate. She did a great job of getting in here today with us as did all the other trekkers. Hope everyone out there is having a great day thanks so much for your support. I want to say thanks to Earl my communications king, also to Marian who’s helping out with communications, to Deb and Will for helping out with the website, to Paula for being my Breast Cancer Foundation liaison. A BIG welcome home to my mom and dad who are arriving back home from their big trip in China. And Hi to Leo and Takunda as well. So everyone is doing well we are all excited and thrilled to be here at base camp. Let the climbing begin

Talk to you tomorrow.


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