Down River

Hi this is TA calling in from Phantom Ranch on day seven of our rafting trip. It has been a pretty amazing adventure so far we have had lots of up canyon winds and some interesting GI track stuff going through our group. So we have really had to pull together to get ourselves down the river, but it is going well now systems are falling into place, and the canyon is gorgeous as usual

The team has really come together well, we got out of camp in record time this morning for our big Phantom day. We will head for Horn rapid after a visit to Phantom Ranch here today, and then take on the biggies of Granite and Crystal tomorrow. We are on the river for another twelve days and then we will hike out and head for our backpacking trip.

I know people are dying to know how the leg is doing. Everyday it is getting a little bit better, walking without a limp on level and mostly unlevel ground, having to work hard not to tweak it because it is generally feeling pretty good. So working to get stronger on uneven ground and so far so good, trying to keep it on a healing track and not do too much too fast. So that’s the report here

Hi to all the WOKies and all the families of folks everyone is doing well and feeling much better. It has been a bit unseasonable cold here so to my backpackers for two weeks from now be sure to pack some good warm clothes. We have been getting a lot of windy conditions so pack your wind layers and maybe even throw in another fuzzy layer.

Talk to you all soon



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