Mountains and Motorcycles

Happy Tely Ten Day to All,

On the last Sunday of every July, a growing number of people find their way to Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador to walk, run, and roll their way ten miles (16 km) to the finish line beside Bannerman Park in St. John’s.  This year’s event drew nearly 2600 folks and I was one of them.  It was my fourth Tely in a row.  I ran my first and have walked them since.  This year my ankle wasn’t ready to run and the last two years I walked in support of friends doing the race for the first time.  I love that people come out and stand beside the course to cheer folks us.  Kids holding signs and making up cheers always move me to tears.  The fire halls put out their hoses to create a spray mist (though this year I’m not sure how many participants enjoyed their shower-it was quite cool).  The route passes all major motorcycle dealers in town.

As I walked along with Marian, I found myself daydreaming of motorcycles and mountains.  With Elbrus completed, I’ve noticed a reinvigoration of my desire to complete all seven summits.  Last year, I’d hoped to have the six besides Everest done before heading back to Nepal next April.  Then, with the recession, I thought I should let go of Vinson (the Antarctic peak) because I thought it would be too challenging to fundraise for two major peaks in such close proximity.  But since getting home last week, I find my mind/spirit/heart somewhat stuck on the idea of Vinson (rather like a dog to a bone kind of stuck).  I even tempted myself by finding out whether or not my preferred outfitter had space on any of their Vinson climbs.  They do.

So I find myself perched on a diving board once again.  The sensation is familiar.  I remember getting to a similar spot in 2006 when I got tired of saying to kids that I was going to Everest “if” the money came together and changed it to “when” I am going.  I mortgaged the house to do it and trusted that I would be able to repay the debt.  So once again, I’m poised at the edge and wondering if there is water in the pool below (I suspect there is but there is always a sense of taking pause). 

A friend is selling her motorcycle.  It’s very tempting to buy it though I haven’t solved the storage question and I’m not sure if I am taking on another big financial mountain if this is the best time to take on another vehicle.  It’s OK…there are many years to ride and many years to climb and I’m sure all will become clear as I get quiet enough to listen. 

I spent the week resting and making big reno decisions about the house (after 12 years-it’s finally time to have laundry at home)…it’s good to be home and I’m almost over my respiratory infection.  My attention is turning towards creating an overall training program for Everest and the eight months between now and then.  On Elbrus, I’d come up with the metaphor of prayer flags as a guide for training and I’ll unfold that for you over the coming weeks.  For now, I’ll keep it short this week and invite you to view Elbrus pictures at

Have a good week,


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