Everest 2010: Week Three

Another week and another round of Everest 2010 updates. TA and the crew made it all the way to Everest base camp this week, so now the real climbing begins. As always these updates are being brought to you by Applecore Interactive, RJG Construction, the Newfoundland and Labrador Credit union, and the Egg Producers of Newfoundland and Labrador all proud sponsors of TA’s Everest 2010 expedition. Enjoy!

April 7 – Loboche
Hi this is TA and Marian sitting on a rock above the village of Loboche at about 4910m. We just came down form a wonderful little acclimatization jaunt up the ridge behind Loboche, just to gain a little extra elevation for the day. We were rewarded with our own personal views of Pumori, the ridge that I climb back in 2008, and wonderful views looking across to Nuptse and the western shoulder of Everest. We wont be able to see the summit pyramid of Everest until we are almost on Kala Patthar or almost up to Pumori. But we could pick out where base camp is and we are pretty excited because we will be heading there tomorrow. It was a 3 ½ hour walk up here today from Dingboche. People are feeling the latitude a little bit, others are doing fine, we are all trying to remember to breath deep and drink lots. We are doing our best to stay healthy but there seems to be a little bit of a bug going through the group, causing some expulsion, and then of course and day of not wanting to eat very much. People working hard to get here and we will all be glad to arrive at EBC, Everest base camp. Thanks again for tuning in. Thanks to the folks at the Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union for coming on board as a sponsor

April 8 – Everest Base Camp AKA Gong Show
Hi this is TA and Marian calling in from my very own base camp tent, here at Everest base camp located very close to the Khumbu Ice fall in the Peak Freaks base camp at about 5340m. It has been a heck of a day, a big arduous walk for many, got in about midday, got tents set up, got some lunch from our amazing kitchen crew. You should see our amazing Sherpa staff, they are absolutely amazing in all the work they have done to transform the glacier into our home for the next two months. Some of the stone work, they have leveled platforms, the kitchen tent is absolutely amazing, we are marveling at their work, and humbled by their strength. Pretty excited to be here, big smiles all round as people realized their goal of getting to base camp as trekkers or getting to base camp to begin the climb as climbers, so big day, exciting day. 20 187 steps for me on the pedometer, about 3 hours of walking for the front end of the line about 5 hours of walking for the end of the line. Arduous day, gained some elevation coming in after a bunch of big trekking day in a row, I think it is about 13 for Marian and I, so well deserved rest here. At the monument I’m calling our tent the “Gong Show” in honor of my brother as we have all of us, plus all our gear in a 2 person tent, so it has been a fun time trying to get it all sorted. Thrilled to be here, feeling strong, managed to achieve goal number 1, which was to get to base camp healthy and strong, excited for a couple days rest and then the adventure continues. Love to everyone in Newfoundland from he Newfoundland crew, I took a bunch of pictures to celebrate our achievement of getting here. We will get you more info on how it is all going to unfold in the next few days. Thanks and have a great day, and don’t forget to “Step Up to the Summit Challenge” with the Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador website. Sign up your team for the challenge today at http://www.recreationnl.com/smallstepsbigresults. Get out there, get active, take some steps, and get out there and climb the mountain with me and the Peak Freaks crew.

April 9 – Everest Hilton
Hi this is TA and Marian calling in our update again from Everest base camp. We are hanging here in our Everest Hilton thanks to the Prith family, my brothers good friends we have a wonderful Everest abode. We are just at that transition point when we are about to loose the sun and the temperature is about to plummet. Here at Everest base camp we are Corning Wear we go from the freezer into the oven, and then back into the freezer again. Temperatures in the tent last night dipped to -5.6C, not too bad, and then at some point today during the peak of the day it was up to 56C in the top of the tent, and now it’s beginning to do its plummet towards freezing again. The pedometer registered no steps today because this was a rest day, the first in 13 days. Did a little engineering with the rocks around the tent, creating a little platform and vestibule where we get in and out. Redirecting some water because already the glacier is in the heat of the day giving off little rivers, so we need to direct them around our tents. We are camped right on the glacier so you can hear the ice especially in the middle of the night grinding and crunching as we move anywhere from a millimeter to a centimeter downhill each day. We also hear snow avalanches, rock avalanches so it is quite the cacophony. The other thing that we heard today was much drumming as we are centered kind of near the icefall, surrounded by other expeditions having their Puja Ceremonies. So we heard chanting and cheers and much much drumming, we look forward to our Puja on Monday. So today is a day of rest, a wonderful shower and some reading and even a little nap so we are all continuing to settle in trying not to burn ourselves to a crisp in the high altitude sun. Just thinking of all of you, the Newfoundland trekkers will be heading out, they will be spending the night in Periche tonight. Got the big Newfoundland flag on the side of the tent, I hear that John Truno the second Newfoundlander to summit Everest is here again as is Al Hancock the first Newfoundlander to summit Everest. So three Newfoundlanders here at base camp, it should be an exciting time.

April 10 – Another Base Camp Day
Hi this is TA and Marian calling in from Everest base camp at about 5300m above sea level. We are in the tent at the moment trying to do some technical trouble shooting with my new phone. On one of my rest days I will try to get all the systems working, but I’m glad I have audio blog.com with Earl as backup making things pretty easy and simple for me. Another rest day here at Everest base camp, Marian and I took a walk about this morning, walked around base camp and figured out where all the various outfitters are located. Visited Everest ER where I got to see Luanne Freer, who started the Everest base camp medical clinic. I met her in 2002 and again in 2007, congratulations to her as she got married here yesterday at base camp. Great to see her again and see her actually completely healthy so that was a wonderful little stop in. Then we came back here and had a wonderful lunch, we are sort of just settling into the hurry up and wait life of base camp. We may do a little training tomorrow, I will actually have to find all my climbing gear amongst all the duffels that have been living in pack-vile. Flat Stanly has been very snug in his sleeping bag here in the wonderful Mountain Hardware tent, and things are going pretty well. We are still being humble by the altitude all of us, as we forget and get weak knees or get dizzy, when we bend over or stand up and almost fall down, but pretty quickly you get the feedback that if you try to move faster then a snails pace that you are living on half as much oxygen here at base camp as you are at sea level. The island peak crew headed out today towards Pareshaya to start their climb, and I imagine our Newfoundland trekkers are hitting Namche Bazaar today and enjoying all of the perks of city life. Here we are enjoying the wonderful camaraderie, looking forward to going to the ice fall through we hear it is not in the best of shape just yet. So we are not in a big hurry to get into the area that the ice fall doctors are trying to work their way around. No steps again today other then the 45 minutes of walking, which I have to admit I forgot to put the pedometer on so my apologies for that. But still get out and start stepping and we will talk to you tomorrow.



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