Everest 2010: Heading Home

May 19 – Goodbye EBC…For Now
Hi this is TA calling in from Everest base camp for the last time on this expedition. We welcomed home our summiteers from all points higher than this, and hearing their stories, and seeing their pictures, and we are feeding them all kinds of new and interesting foods. Not necessarily new to the expedition but new to them as they have not seen some of these foods in awhile, we are trying to get them all plumped up. A bunch of us are going to head down valley tomorrow, we are concerned about the crush in Lukla with the on coming of the monsoon and the down coming of all these expeditions over the next while. So a bunch of folks, just like us, have been packing bags and trying to figure out what we need for our trek out to Kathmandu, and what will be packed in our bags and go down on Zopkios. So it has been an exciting day here, congratulations again to our summiteers that we have welcomed back Hugo, Carina, Peter, Ming-mar, and Phur-ba is believe is the name of the other Sherpa. And lots of good wishes and good luck, and wishes to return safely to our team 2 who will be beginning their second summit push tomorrow as they head up to camp 3. That’s the scoop here, hope you are all having a great day. Thanks again to all of you for staying with me for these two months, I will continue to blog as we head back down and I will keep you posted on how things are going. Take good care, catch you tomorrow

May 20 – Trekking Out
Hi this is TA calling in from Pheriche at about 4200m. It was a good day of walking down here; I walked down with Marian and Nadia, and we were followed down by the other five. We have or 3 summiteers here in Pheriche, two are flying out by helicopter in the morning, lucky them, the rest of us are heading on down to Namche. I am really noticing how tired I am after 55 day here at altitude. I am enjoying how much warmer it is here then the last time I was down. I am looking across at the big steep hill I climbed last time, to check out how my body was doing and realizing that maybe I shouldn’t have trekked down to Lobouche for that little two day jaunt before going on a summit push. I’m wishing I had had a chance to come and recover at even lower altitudes before going back up for that push, but you know hindsight is 20/20, and this expedition is called “Mountain of Learning” for a reason, to take all those learning’s, both internal and external and take them forward from here. I heard 3 members from my team have moved up to camp 3 today, maybe the others are following. But I am now going to be tracking them like you are on the internet, since I won’t be there to hear the radio calls, but I continue to send good, positive energy their way. We will be having another good feed tonight to hopefully power the legs all the way to Namche tomorrow. Thanks for following along, and special thanks to all of my sponsors who made it possible for me to be here on day 55 of this expedition, thanks and have a great day.

May 21 – Empty Legs
Hi this is Marian and TA calling in from Namche Bazaar at about 3400m. I am sitting in my little audio blog spot above the Zamling Lodge overlooking Namche. We had a big walk today coming down from Pherische through Pangbouche and Debouche where we stopped in at the nunnery to light some butter lamps for our teammates who are still up hill. The nuns were chanting, so we had an opportunity to join them in the meditation room and listen, I found that to be very soothing. During the ceremony they lit butter lamps, which I knew in my mind where for my teammates, some of whom are at camp 3 tonight and some at camp 4. After Debouche we climbed the hill to Tengboche where we were lucky enough to have sour dough bread which was very exciting, because she who has an empty leg is always hungry, so it was lovely to have something new and exciting. After Tenboche we dropped down to Fuketanga to the Dudh Kosi, which we will drop down to again when we leave Namche, the milk river. Its milky because of all the glacial silt that flows along in the river. From there we walked back up here to Namche, I thought the piece just outside of Fuketanga was going to get the best of me, that’s when I knew that I was still working with a very tired body. It was humbling, but I found a rhythm and got back up here to Namche. I delved a little bit into the internet, thanks for all your well wishes, I didn’t get a chance to take in a lot of them at 10 rupees a minute but I did grab a few of them. I will slowly make my way back into the cyber world once I hit Kathmandu, and begin to immerse myself back into my regular life after 60 days of pretty simple living at base camp. So it was a good day, a long day, had a delicious dinner here at the Zamling Lodge. We are not sure if we will have a rest day here or split our trek to Lukla into two parts, but we are still hoping to fly out of Lukla on the 24th. I am still wondering how my teammates are doing you along, Martin, Peter and Bob are also here and we are all wondering about the cyclone that is hitting India, what will its path be, and what destruction it might cause both on its path and here on the mountain. Its wonderfully warm here and the air is wonderfully thick, but it is still amazing how going up hill in the Himalayas can be pretty humbling. So take good care, I also wanted to warn those of you who have been used to checking out the audio blog everyday, that once I hit Kathmandu I will probably go back to a weekly format. So I just wanted to give you a little warning that your daily routine might change. Thanks for being there, happy Friday, TGIF to all you out there in North America, catch you from tomorrow, bye.


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