A Study of White and Blue


I was signing some paperwork this morning and realized that today is a fine “odometer moment” in that it’s 8-9-10. It’s not everyday that has such fine numeric sequencing and we won’t see another for about thirteen months or so. So here’s to a special day and finding something special it in!

I awoke early this am in Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador. We had to be up before the sunrise to make it back to St. John’s in time to put in a decent workday. I haven’t been up early too often these days (the joys on not being in training for anything specific, except life perhaps) and so reveled in the light of the dawning day. As we drove from island to island (thank goodness for causeways), the orangey-yellow glow spread quickly like soft butter. It flowed easily from the horizon to fill the quirks of every tickle and the crannies of every cloud. The day was indeed off to a beautiful start.

Marian and I spent the weekend visiting with friends at their latest project, Above the Tickle (http://bit.ly/9by5Eg). The gorgeous blue house awakened a deeply hibernating creativity within me. I was so glad to have brought my “big” camera by chance, which enabled having a venue to kindle this less frequently visiting friend. I turned instantly to the vibrant blue house that appeared almost to be dancing in the magical light of early evening. I’ve always been moved by shape and colour and texture when photographing and I indulged all in an album called “Above the Tickle” (http://bit.ly/92C4gi).

After a fine day of kayaking, I turned my attention to an old shed on my friends’ property, and began a series of photographs called “A Study in Blue and White” (http://bit.ly/ai2FuQ). Later my eye caught the local Mason’s building and my photographic study was complete.

Blue and white are colours I often see at altitude–some of the few. I often remark when returning from the heights, that I get my senses back. I notice scents on the wind, green plants, and a much more diverse colour palate. We often refer to seeing things in “black and white,” but this weekend I was seeing blue and white. As I drove this morning, I reflected about how colours can have so many meanings and moods: feeling blue and the stark clarity of white. About the infinite possibilities of a blue sky and the brilliant radiance of white snow. About the wisdom of white hair and the tradition of taking something blue to a wedding. About how the creeping of a deep dusky blue signals yet the end of another day and how the velvety white arms of a fog signify confusion. Blue and white. Indeed that’s how I am these days. Blue and white.

Take care and have a good week,


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