Wanted: Hat Options for the Hat Trick of the Americas


The countdown to the Hat Trick of the Americas has begun and there is one critical decision left to be answered? Which hat should I wear for the climb? Which hat will be called to service on the volcano to keep my head warm and then will be thrown into the air in celebration at the summit? Which hat has all the right attributes for the occasion? As I began to contemplate such a momentous decision, I realized that perhaps more input could be helpful…does anyone out there have the perfect hat they would be willing to add to my collection?

What would the perfect hat be? You tell me…my only requirement is that it be warm and not too heavy to carry/wear…other than that…the possibilities are sky high (like mountain summits) If you would like to contribute a hat for consideration, please send it to me at 7 Wood Street, St. John’s, NL A1C 3K8 Canada. I’ll make the big call on Dec. 14 and I will donate all of the contenders to the Mitten Tree to help keep others warm this winter. I’ll post pictures of the contenders as they arrive. Below are the contenders thus far…



TA wearing her hcokey toque

The Leading Contender thus far...the Hockey toque from Lulu...first seen at the Vancouver Olympics and recently worn during the Canada-US final at the Four Nations Cup...warm, befitting of the occasion...can it be dethroned?

TA wearing an orienteering flag

The Orienteering Flag: Stylish, my favourite colour of late, not terribly warm but likely to draw attention and show the way

TA modelling her penguin toque

My most recent addition to my toque collection...The Penguin...warm, double ear protection, the wings flap when you walk...and guaranteed to bring a smile in the hard moments

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2 Responses to Wanted: Hat Options for the Hat Trick of the Americas

  1. Wilma says:

    I think Her Majesty the Queen looks lovely and warm in this one:

    Perhaps this would work?

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