Volcan Tajumulco: The Hat Trick of the Americas

Volcán Tajumulco!!! At 4220 metres above sea level, it is the highest peak in Guatemala and the highest peak in Central America!  It won’t be my hardest challenge to date. It won’t be the highest. Or the coldest. Or the furthest…It doesn’t need to be right now! It’s about getting back on the horse and sharing a wonderful adventure with the woman that I love (and all of you) and capping off “The Hat Trick of the Americas” by standing atop the three highest peaks of North, South, and Central America!

Marian and I  leave for Guatemala on December 15 and will climb seven of Guatemala’s volcanoes in two weeks with a trip up to the top of the highest one! I love that I share my name with part of the volcano’s name and chose it since I liked the idea of a “mountain hat trick” and combining both of my two activity loves: mountaineering and hockey!  As well, I have spent Christmas in some very unique places including hiking down in the Grand Canyon, at 5700 metres on Aconcagua, and walking a beach in South Africa.  I’m eager to learn of the Christmas traditions of Guatemala!

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