Settling In


We’ve just moved into our new hotel.  We’ve had an awesome time studying Spanish for the past three mornings and loved living with a Guatemalan family especially the five year old that had us all laughing with her antics.  She regularly humbled us with her command of Spanish.  My teacher and I reviewed the simple past tense so I can finally speak in three tenses!

We’ve sorted out changing money and securing breakfast now that we are out from under the care of our “madre.”  It’s an exciting time here as Christmas is nearing.  Last night we took in a musical presentation of “El Grinch Robo La Navidad.”

We me meet our fellow volcano climbers later today and look forward to walking uphill the day after tomorrow.  The hotel has wireless so hoping to give a more detailed report of the sights and sounds soon.  Now we’re off to procure lunch.

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