What’s TA Climbing Next II? Clue 5

OK…so maybe it’s been a bit too tough…clues a bit obscure, details a little short…here’s a recap of the clues thus far…you’re looking for high points…and I’ve circled the part of the photograph that was the clue…see if this gets your creativity flowing!

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8 Responses to What’s TA Climbing Next II? Clue 5

  1. Liane Penny says:

    TA: OK going with colours and my French skills here! I guess Mont Blanc, les Aiguilles Rouges and Chamechaude in the Chartreuse Massif.

    • TA Loeffler says:

      OK…you’re one for three! I like the French colour associations though! Mont Blanc is one of my upcoming peaks…so we’re still looking for the names of the others…take another look at what is circled in today’s clue 🙂

  2. Carla Quirke says:

    here is my next guess Peuterey ridge Dente del Gigante Grandes Jorasses mont blanc Mont Dolent.Carla

  3. Carla Quirke says:

    here I go again: Mer de GlaceVallee Blanche Aiguille de TouleMont BlancTete Roussedu Tacule Toule. Carla

  4. Ashley says:

    Mont Blanc
    Monte Bianco

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