The Week that Was

I’ve been speaking to a number of Grade Four classes of late about being an explorer and the challenges that explorers face. I find myself wishing, despite the developmental impossibility, that we could all remain ten. Grade Fours are my most wonderful audience. Attentive, present, insatiably curious, willing to ask questions with a vengeance…what a way to live! My newest role models! As always, I do outreach to inspire kids to be and do all they can and they reach back an inspire me to do the same.

Speaking of inspiration, it seemed mostly this week that my inspiration for training disappeared into the vortex of fighting off a virus. It was a standoff much of the week where my scratchy throat, drippy nose, and tight chest stayed firmly planted halfway between sick and well. My energy drained and I didn’t get to check off many of the boxes on the training plan. Until yesterday…

Marian and I headed out for our now weekly date with Signal Hill. Having shied away from its slopes for nearly a year, it’s the now the focus of our weekly “get out long” session. We started with two ascents last week and yesterday we added two more. Before heading off to Iceland and Hvannadalshnúkur (can anyone teach me to pronounce that?), we will mimic what we’ll need to do on H’s summit day: 2000 metres of elevation gain, 2000 metres of elevation loss and 20 kilometres of ground to cover or St. John’s speak: 13 Signal Hills. Here is a link to the GPS track from my Garmin Forerunner 305. Being able to see the ground we covered once we get home is so cool in my book-it also helps set baselines to mark progress (which in turn, becomes motivating in itself.)

I also met with a local businessperson this week to get his opinion on directions to take in wanting to create the greatest amount of outreach impact with my upcoming expeditions (and perhaps generate some sponsorships). It was a very helpful meeting and I’ve been musing on how best to put my ideas into a form to share it with others. I’ve also been busy getting T-shirt quotes together for my first fundraising effort for Vinson–I’ll keep you posted as the time to place orders gets closer.

It’s almost Everest season and I’ll be tracking the efforts of several friends again this year as they make their way through acclimatization rounds and hopefully all the way to the summit. Alan Arnette is off for the third peak of his Seven Summits Quest to raise awareness of and research dollars for Alzheimer’s Disease. My teammate from both Pumori and Everest, Mango, is back for another go with Peak Freaks as is another acquaintance, Kathy. I wish them all the best of luck, good weather, health, and safe return.

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