Lady Bird-Inaugural Flight

Another beautiful spring day here in St. John’s allowed me to take my new Alpacka pack raft out for its first test paddle on Long Pond and inlet creek.  Getting into the boat is like getting a hug and it skims across the water like a water beetle.  It’s a sporty craft that has its strengths in downstream, remote runs and I can’t wait to try it on some faster moving water.  In the meantime, it was an absolutely lovely day out on the pond with the ducks, geese, and even an egret.



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4 Responses to Lady Bird-Inaugural Flight

  1. Shelagh Egar says:

    It’s looks as if Clifford tracks about as well as our Swifty kayak… to play in but you wouldn’t want to be in any races. A good current will definitely help to keep it straight.

  2. Shelagh Egar says:

    Is Clifford now Lady Bird?

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