Day One from the Land of Ice

I think my senses must be heightened by the process of being squeezed six across into a long aluminum cigar that is pressured to 8000 feet that rapidly teleports me to a new place. I leave the airport and embrace my new world with all senses set to High Definition record. I notice the small differences. The big differences. I’m on alert to perceive and celebrate a new road sign, a new model of car, or the new views around every corner.

But at the same time, I’m keen to celebrate the similarities. The things that look like home. The pieces of geography that repeat themselves when we least or most expect it. The sights that remind us we all aim for “a good life.” When Marian and I stopped in a funky café in Antigua, we saw a sign on a tip jar that said, “If you fear change, leave it here.” What I cherish most about travel is change. The change I must make in myself to be open to all that is unfolding in front of me, both in terms of product and process.

The rift between the North American and European technonic plates.

The rift between the North American and European technonic plates splits open 2-18 mm wider each year

I love how I want to notice every difference. And every similarity. Between home and away. From here and there. In this way and that. Getting on an airplane is an invitation to pause and ready for that openness and arrival is the launch. Into a new country. A new landscape. A new mindscape.

The next time you travel somewhere-watch and notice what you take (or don’t take photographs of)…it may surprise you. What catches your eye enough to record the moment? What moves you to want to capture a view for posterity (or as long as we can still decipher our digital files)? How do you assign meaning to the experience?

Catching a rainbow in the mist coming off Gullfoss-Iceland's Most Famous Waterfall

Catching a rainbow in the mist coming off Gullfoss-Icelands Most Famous Waterfall

Me, like the Palmolive commercial, I’m soaking in it. Soaking in both the newness and the familiarity of Iceland. My senses and four cameras are recording while at the same time, I’m observing my mind recording my mind observing and recording. I’m also relaxing after a tough semester at the old U…and I’m hoping to soak in some geothermically warmed water very soon…our village’s pool wasn’t open tonight because it was Tuesday…and since the economic crash here, the pools can’t open every day anymore…signing off from Laugarvatn!

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1 Response to Day One from the Land of Ice

  1. Shelagh Egar says:

    The geographer in me loves the photo of the trail through the rift.

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