Antarctica Countdown 82 Days and Counting: “Oh Me Legs”

I’m four days into the new training plan and I can hardly walk. In a good way. Left sitting for any length of time, the lactic acid re-exerts it’s painful magic and I can barely make my legs work. I am jettisoned back in memory land to the Jasper Volleyball camp I used to attend. It was for elite players in the province and they always tested us on day one to see if we’d done our pre-camp fitness routines (we hadn’t). The first few days of camp we had to climb down the stairs backwards and had no interest in moving unless they made us. The overwhelming sensory experience of 85 girls all crowded in the viewing area of a curling rink all spreading A535 on their aching muscles is not easily forgotten.

Yes, I played competitive volleyball (most people think of me and hockey). All through school. All five foot two and three quarters of me. I was a setter, of course. My speciality was diving digs. The backcourt specialist position as invented for me–too bad it was invented after I graduated form high school. I can go down stairs facing forward right now but just barely. I don’t dare sit too long for fear of total seizure of my legs.

When we increase our activity level or training rapidly, we are often subjected to D.O.M.S…Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It usually peaks around the 48 hour mark. So the lactic acid produced by Tuesday’s workout when I pulled the tire and did calve raises until I nearly cried should have reached it’s peak yesterday. But added to that was Wednesday’s sand bag get ups which should reach “peak soreness” today and then Thursday’s dead lifts and squat jumps will continue to pain until tomorrow and I suspect today’s 500 step ups won’t help the situation and will keep me sore through the weekend. In a good way.

I’m actually thrilled to be training this hard. It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve had the discipline and determination to be doing such tough workouts. Each one lasts over an hour and they build over subsequent days and weeks. I’ll likely be the strongest I’ve ever been when I finish the program and head to the ice. As long as I can stay healthy and free from training injuries…and that is one of my major training goals…and I’d do that by listening to my body, taking small tweaks seriously, not pushing bluntly and stupidly forward to finish a workout, eating and hydrating well all the while pushing hard and developing the mental strength the workouts are designed to elicit…one 17 inch step up at a time. It’s really hard work, in a good way.

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3 Responses to Antarctica Countdown 82 Days and Counting: “Oh Me Legs”

  1. Shelagh Egar says:

    It’s giving me virtual cramps in my calves just reading about your tortuous regime! You’ll be flying across the ice at this rate.

  2. Shelagh Egar says:

    Not sure “tortuous” was the right word, but I’m sure you get my drift!

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