Antarctica Countdown 81 Days and Counting: “I’m Getting Better”

Monty Python fans will remember the line from the scene where the town cryer calls out, “Bring out your dead” and the one guy being carried, thought for dead, says “I’m feeling better!” That’s me today with workout five under my belt. I woke up only able to walk on tippy toes because of my screaming calves but today’s work seemed to have flushed the lactic acid from them a bit and I can now take full steps. Looking forward to two days off from training and two days canoeing with my buddy Karen on the Lamoille River. It will be great to be back out in a boat so soon after Labrador.

Enjoying the sense of commitment to getting each training session in, it reminds me of my friend Michelle’s dedication to her triathlon training over the past 1.5 years. She’s been at it day in and day out and all of her hard work is paying great dividends. I wish her the best of luck and strength and determination as she races in the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Las Vegas tomorrow morning. I’ll been cheering her on with each paddle stroke.

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