Antarctica Countdown 70 Days and Counting: A Ton of Work

My friend, who recommended this training program, promised I would grow to hate sand-bag get-ups. Hate is still too strong a word for me but my love for them is waning. This workout was the first time that the sand-bag get-ups moved from the warm-up phase (i.e. first when I am freshest) to the training phase (when things start to get harder). The warm-up was 10-9-8-7-etc. of squat jumps, push-ups and sit ups, the totality of which really had my heart pumping before I started the get-ups.

The first five nearly did me in. I wasn’t convinced I was ever getting up again after the second five. The third and fourth sets of five (I switch shoulders every five reps) had sweat pouring from nearly every pore. The mat looked like the finest five star mattress after the fifth. I was convinced that I wouldn’t come anywhere near my previous get up efforts by round six…then I called whine one one and decided to dig in hard…

I had three minutes in which to get at least twenty more reps in to tie my first effort…with a Herculean last minute, I finished with a grand total of 55. Even my ear canals were leaking salt water. As I was panting hard on the map after the timer sounded, I did the math. 55 get-ups at 40 pounds a pop is 2200 pounds I got up with. A ton! I got up a ton! How cool is that…

Two more training rounds of running and lifted followed and I left the field house bathed in endorphins and appreciative of the hard work. I feel focused and on track with training this week and that, in turns, feels great! 70 days to departure and the days are going fast!

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