Antarctica Countdown 66 Days and Counting: Just Around the Corner

One of the things most I love about exploring a new area is wondering (and wandering) what is just around the next corner. I am insatiably curious and always thinking about the next bend and what might be beyond it. As I completed my third week of training this weekend, I realized that part of the reason I am enjoying this new training program so much is that I don’t know what is around the corner. For a change, I didn’t design this training program so I don’t know what’s coming. I follow it day by day, five days a week and each workout has new exercises or new combinations of exercises…it’s constantly changing.

As I turn the page to a new day of the program, I constantly wondering how tough the workout will be? How will my body react? Will I see progress? Will I remember all the new parts? How long will it take me? Will the gym have all the gear I need? Can I maintain a high level of work? etc… I love the novelty. I like “The Beginner’s Mind” aspect of it. I like not knowing what’s just around the corner.

Marian and I took a training hike today from the Goulds to Petty Harbour. It was a piece of East Coast Trail that neither of us had done before and the 20 or so km provided lots of good hills to climb and hours on my feet. Dave Hahn, the head guide for my Vinson climb, said to make sure to get some “real world” training in (not just gym time) so it was delightful to be out on such a divine fall day. The sun was shining and the 70 km gusting head wind for the last five km was a good challenge and we spent much of the day getting to hike around a series of heads (corners) and it was a treat to cover a new piece of trail. With only 66 days to departure, it seems as though Mount Vinson is just around the corner as well.

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2 Responses to Antarctica Countdown 66 Days and Counting: Just Around the Corner

  1. Ray Kopcinski says:


    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. You definitely clarified the grueling sandbag exercise. Keep up the good work on your training regimen and I will eagerly look forward to vicariously enjoying the Vinson experience through your talented eyes…

    All the Best,


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