Antarctica Countdown 64 Days and Counting: Diamonds and Stones

How does that John Denver song go…”Some days are diamonds, some days are stone.” Today initially felt like a stone day. Tired. Sore. Worried and scared about what seems quickly to becoming an acute tennis elbow. IT band threatening to act out as well. It was a great three week run but now I think the honeymoon is over and my 46 year old body has made itself known. I almost took the day off training but 4:00 pm rolled around and I’d just finished up a project. I thought, “I’ll just go down and do a bit and I’ll stay away from any lifts that hurt the elbow.”

As it turned out, I could do most of it and my left side can always use a little catch up work…hopefully a few more days of rest and the right elbow will forgive me for all the canoeing, lifting, coffee pot pouring, door knob opening I’ve asked it to do of late and heal up. I hear tennis elbow can easily turn chronic so I know I have to be smart…even though that’s tough because I don’t want to lose the gains I’ve made…but I guess I also have to be able to hold an ice axe in 64 days…so it’s onto icing, ibu, compression and rest for the right arm…anyone else know of nice things to do for a tennis elbow?

The workout, in the end, was good to do. It helped elevate my energy and move the day more towards diamond. I spoke at St. Francis Elementary School and tonight I opened the Thank you note from the two Grade Four classes…it further moved the continuum from stone to diamond.

To TA:
Totally awesome is what you are
Here’s a little something to help you as you travel far
And if on your journey, you should ever tire
Remember, you are someone we really admire!
We have enjoyed all you have said and done
You made exploring sound really fun
One big lesson we have learned from you
Is try our best in all that we do!

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