Twillingate: Adventures of the Edible Kind

We started our day with the delicious Sunday brunch at the Anchor Inn. Chef Edward and his staff provided a wonderful assortment of dishes from which to choose and I made several trips up to fill my plate. My favourite dish was “Eggs in a Hole” (pictured below), followed closely by the fish cakes.

The Anchor Inn’s dining room has an awesome view on the Twillingate Harbour. Just across the harbour, behind the salmon coloured historic building, there is an iceberg (get out your x-ray vision). Iceberg season this year in Twillingate is still on the go thanks to the Peterson Ice Island.

With full tummies, we headed out to the Top of Twillingate Hiking Trail to try to (hopefully) pick some squash berries and so some mushrooming. The hike did not disappoint. With the crisp weather, the fall woods were full of the wonderful aromas of autumn and mushrooms had popped up all over the place. Turns out that someone else had beaten us to most of the squash berries (pictured below) but we did manage to drop a few in our bag.

We stopped to take in the view and noticed a fine crop of partridge berries waiting for harvest. It’s always good to pick partridge berries (pictured below) after the first frost because (I hear) the frost drives the worms out of the berries. Partridge berries are excellent for baking into muffins, giving colour to apple crisp, and delicious as jam.

Soon after the partridge berries, we discovered a nice patch of winter chanterelles (Craterellus tubaeformis…pictured below). We also found some hedgehogs, suillus cavipes, and lactarius thyinos (we are all edible we hear-if you haven’t seen a blog post from me in the next week, blame it on the mushrooms). We’ll take them home and saute them up with onions.

All in all, a fine day of edible adventures both indoor and out. Marian, in the picture below, is showing off our bountiful bounty that will provide many more edible adventures to come.

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