Antarctica Countdown 45 Days and Counting: Time on the Hill

I spent the morning on Signal Hill. I’d originally thought I would do my tire pulls before starting my ascent rounds on the hill but then I remembered the Cape to Cabot run was happening this morning. I was pretty certain they didn’t need me contributing to the congestion on the hill so I stuck to the trails and left my tire behind for the morning. I’m up to six Signal Hills with 35 pounds in my pack. My legs felt pretty strong but I was feeling pretty dragged out when I first started. The first two ascents were tough but then I seemed to warm up and they got easier.

It was fun hearing people cheer each time I topped out. They were cheering on the runners who’d just run the very hilly 20 km from Cape Spear to Cabot Tower road race. I found myself wishing that some how the route up a mountain could be lined with such raucous cheerleaders like this running race…with folks cheering wildly and banging pots to help runners/me push hard to the finish/summit. Mountaineering is a much less public sport…usually done in small teams in remote locations with cheers coming sometimes where you return home. I realize that I carry my cheering squad in my mind…that images of friends will come to mind or things people have said will pop up and become inspiration when I need it most. It can be deeply lonely out there but I do appreciate all the kind thoughts and well wishes that I receive and carry with me.

I’ve been trying to get clarity on what to tackle next after Vinson but as of yet, which path to take from the intersection isn’t clear…more like I’m on a roundabout…driving my mind in circles trying to sort out which road to take and where exactly I want to head. I reassure myself that all are good choices and will lead to more adventures and resultant life lessons. It can be tricky to have to be planning what’s coming next next before the next is even done. The one thing for sure, walking uphill for hours on end gives lots of time for dreaming and scheming on such matters.

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1 Response to Antarctica Countdown 45 Days and Counting: Time on the Hill

  1. zachynyoga says:

    Hi TA, I am banging my pot and cheering for you.
    Be safe 🙂

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