Antarctica Countdown 41 Days and Counting: 35 is the New 20

Maybe I should caption this one, “The Great Pumpkin.” Rather than a giant squash however, it’s me nearing the end of a 20 km training hike pretty darn soggy from a stormy day. It rained and showered much of the time I was out hiking from Outer Cover to town via the East Coast Trail and Signal Hill. When I first started out, I thought, “Wow…this 35 pounds doesn’t feel so bad-more like 20 used to feel.” By the time I was hobbling down Signal Hill as my last kilometre, I knew I had shlepped a load and my feet were complaining loudly since they spent a decent part of the day hiking on asphalt between trail segments.

I started out on Doran’s Lane heading for Torbay Point and the turned and headed to Red Cliff. I’d been to Torbay Point before but not to the top of Red Cliff. It’s always a bonus when training takes you out into new territory. I ended the day with 5.5 hours on my feet and 1000 metres of elevation gain to my name. I could also have called this update 41 is the new 21. Though there is just less than six weeks on the countdown, I was astounded to see (since I am traveling next week) that there is really about 21 real prep days to go! Eeeeeekkk!

I received my last briefing letter from the Vinson outfitter I am using and it added a few more things to the to do list. Mostly I am feeling pretty relaxed, excited, and smiling from ear to ear that I will be visiting my seventh continent in no time from now.

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